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TikTok Insights Dashboard is an analytical tool featuring a dynamic word cloud visualisation showing the most trending hashtags for the selected keyword and region. The engagement scatter plot graph permits quick visual spotting of play-to-comment ratio abnormalities. The Author Influence and Visibility Index highlights the prominence and influence of TikTok authors based on their video output in volume and search result positions. Additionally, our Video Impact Index provides a detailed analysis of the most visible videos in search results, combining frequency and average position metrics to identify content with the highest potential for user engagement.

/ Hashtag Popularity Landscape

This dynamic word cloud visualisation provides an intuitive and engaging overview of the most trending hashtags in the search results. Each hashtag is displayed with a size proportional to its frequency of use, offering a clear visual representation of its popularity and relevance among content creators. This word cloud enables you to instantly identify the most dominant and recurrent themes, topics, or interests in the search results, highlighting the pulse of the community and prevailing conversation trends. By analysing these patterns, you can gain insights into user engagement, content focus areas, and the evolving dynamics of social media discourse.

/ Engagement Scatter Plot

The scatter plot graph in this component analyses the play-to-comment ratio for each post. This visualisation helps in understanding how posts are engaging the audience, providing a clear comparison of how different content performs in terms of user interaction. It's a useful tool for identifying patterns or anomalies in engagement across various posts.

/ Author Influence and Visibility Index

This donut chart is designed to illustrate the relative prominence and influence of content authors in the search results. This visualisation uniquely combines two key metrics: the total number of videos posted by each author and the average position of their videos in the search results. The chart segments represent each author's contribution to the overall content, quantified by a calculated score that factors in both the volume of their videos and their visibility (indicated by their average position). This score highlight authors who are not only prolific in their content creation but also consistently appear higher in the search results, potentially increasing their chances of garnering viewer attention.

/ Video Impact Index

This table visualises the most videos on TikTok's search results based on two critical factors: how often each video is to be found and its average position in the search results list. Videos that appears more frequently and higher in the list (closer to position 0) score higher, indicating a greater likelihood of being noticed and clicked by users. This table provides insights into which videos are not only popular in search results but also more prominently displayed, combining aspects of quantity (frequency) and quality (visibility) of search results.

Count: 2, Avg. Pos: 8.5

Toivotan Stubbille kuitenkin onnea ja menestystä tehtäväänsä. Nämä vaalit osoitti vain sen kuinka paljon meillä on vielä tehtävää tasa-arvon osalta....

By saarukka_ (6513 followers)

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Published 4 months ago

Count: 2, Avg. Pos: 7

Happy World Down Syndrome Day!💙💛 Let’s break stereotypes together! #gymgirl #downsyndrome #GymTok #FitTok #fypシ #CapCut

By vallitfit (688200 followers)

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Published 3 months ago

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oisin ostanu pelkän menolipun johki mahollisimman kauas jos halla-ahost ois tullu pressa #presidentinvaalit #foryou

By kristashakala (807 followers)

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Published 5 months ago

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äijää ei voi luottaa 😂 #presidentinvaalit #mikaaltola #suomitiktok

By partiamores (169 followers)

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Published 7 months ago

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Äänestäköön jokainen ketä haluaa, mutta jotenkin vaan halusin uskoa, että vuonna 2024 ehdokasta ei valita sen perusteella ketä hän rakastaa...

By isla.silk (1084 followers)

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Published 5 months ago

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Tälle oli joku oma termikin 🧐 #presidentinvaalit #armeija #siviilipalvelus

By vulvarulla (290 followers)

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Published 7 months ago