/ Google News

The Google News Dashboard is a streamlined tool for accessing real-time news trends, leveraging data from Google News RSS. Begin by selecting a country and inputting a keyword to focus your search. Then, set a specific time range with start and end dates. Upon clicking 'Submit', receive a customized summary of news articles, offering concise insights into current events and specific topics of interest. This dashboard simplifies the analysis of news narratives as they develop.

/ Most Used Words

This word cloud visualises the most prominent keywords and terms extracted from the titles of news articles. The size of each word corresponds to its frequency in the article titles, giving you a quick visual summary of the most discussed topics and themes in the news related to your selected keyword.

/ Top 10 Most Suggested Articles

This section showcases the top ten most frequently featured news articles on Google News, based on the keyword you've selected. These articles represent an average snapshot across your specified date range, offering a focused view of the most relevant and recurring news content for your chosen topic.

/ Publication Dates Temporal Analysis

This graph displays the publication dates of news articles sourced from Google News, corresponding to your selected keyword. It provides a visual timeline, illustrating when each article was published, and offers insights into the distribution and frequency of news related to your topic of interest over time.

/ Sources Distribution

This graphic illustrates the distribution of news articles from sources, related to your selected keyword within the specified date range. By hovering over different sections of the diagram, you can view the absolute numbers of news articles from each source. This visualization provides a comprehensive overview of which outlets are most actively covering your topic of interest during the selected period.

/ TLD Frequency Analysis

This bar chart presents the frequency of Top Level Domains (TLD) among the sources of news articles retrieved from Google News for your selected keyword within the specified date range. It offers valuable insights into the distribution of news sources by their TLDs, allowing you to understand the origins of news articles related to your topic.